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1st Selectman Candidate

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How DAN MARTINEAU embodies

Dan Martineau was born in Warren, raised by a mother who was a visiting nurse and a father who worked as a field representative for a dairy co-op. In Dan’s childhood he played baseball for the Tri Town little league and led a Boy Scout Troop achieving the rank of Eagle Scout.  After graduating from Wamogo, he attended Mattatuck Community college studying Criminal Justice and continued his education at Arizona State University earning a bachelor’s in justice studies.


Professionally Dan served as the Chief Probation Officer of the Litchfield Judicial District, where he supervised officers and clerical staff, serving the Judiciary and Public by overseeing the budget, payroll, union contracts, workman’s compensation and ADA issues. Dan knows the policies and procedures of the Connecticut General Statutes, labor laws, Federal laws, and OSHA and has maintained relationships with other local governments and State agencies, that will be critical in acquiring state funding for the Litchfield community.


Dan is a proponent of education and service. When the Opiate crisis began to develop, he was the first to organize a panel of professionals and held a public hearing at the Litchfield Community Center, providing education and options for prevention. In 2017 Dan was awarded the Liberty Bell Award from the Litchfield County Bar Association for his public service in the Litchfield Community.

He values community and inclusion. During the last 30 years, Dan served the Litchfield community as a leader in Cub Scouts and in Boy Scout Troop 29 in Bantam, a Troop inclusive of all town residents within Litchfield Township. As a Scoutmaster he gained insight into the community at a personal level, assisting families in need and forging lifelong relationships with all citizens having diverse experiences and backgrounds. 

Daniel Martineau has been a resident of Litchfield for 30 years, raising his two children with his wife Darcie. He is a man of faith and a member of the Warren Congregational Church where he is also Deacon.

When elected, Dan promises you he will hit the ground running, focused on community first.

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"Litchfield is a vibrant community, full of people who are passionate and enjoy life with all the town has to offer. This can be seen by every individual, every family, every employee, and every volunteer of Bantam, Northfield, Milton and Litchfield. People here keep their families and neighbors in mind both when times are good or get tough, like the past 18 months when the pandemic hit. Our environment is one of the best in the world and our land and water resources are priceless which are enjoyed and treated with respect by the people who call Litchfield home and by those who visit our community.


My intention is to put our Community first. One where our children and grandchildren can enjoy the same opportunities we have and to raise their families in a safe and natural environment. We need to be first in economic growth, education, infrastructure needs, and citizenship."

My Pledge to the Community of Litchfield

“I pledge to lead the community by fostering trust and transparency without a personal agenda. I will do all I can to serve our community by putting our children’s needs first, preserving the beauty we are so blessed to have around us, and continuing to lead Litchfield to being the first in whatever we do, so that future generations can continue to enjoy our wonderful community.”



Selectwoman Candidate

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Christine grew up in Poughkeepsie, NY, in a neighborhood with many children and when playing at an early age learned to comprise and listen to others. As a child with ADHD, Christine’s parents encouraged her to participate in sports. She chose swimming and became an All-American swimmer in the 200 backstroke in college.


After attending Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, Christine began a career in Sales and Marketing working for Direct Health Promotions and later Glaxo Smith-Kline Pharmaceuticals, where she honed her customer service skills and entrepreneurial spirit. Continuing her love for swimming, Christine headed up the Division 1 Women’s Swim Team and started a water polo program at Marist College. Not able to let go of the entrepreneurial bug, she opened her first business as a personal coach for triathletes after completing the Ironman triathlon and world championship half Ironman. Upon arriving to Litchfield in 2015, Christine became the head coach of the Torrington Girls Swimming and Diving team and shortly thereafter opened Toast & Company, quickly becoming a main staple of Litchfield.


Christine views connecting with those in the Litchfield community as a gift. When the pandemic hit in 2020 and the 1st Selectman asked for volunteers, Christine was quick to join in and lend a hand. She shopped, organized, and delivered food to the elderly in the Litchfield community, while protecting our seniors by sheltering them and keeping them safe.


In 2014, Christine met her husband Mark, who introduced her to Litchfield County. Immediately Litchfield felt like home and they moved their family to town. Christine’s adopted son graduated from Litchfield High School in 2018 and was a Varsity Soccer player. One of her four step-sons continues to attended Litchfield High School and is active in the music and drama programs.


"Litchfield is a “big” small town with Northfield, Bantam, Litchfield, and Milton, each contributing to an essential part of our community. Small towns like ours are essential for economic growth, whether we foster our agriculture,  entrepreneurs or new small business owners. Litchfield is a tight-knit community that is welcoming to new faces and offers a lending hand when someone is in need.

The 2020 pandemic was hard on many throughout the community. Navigating the waters was especially hard for local businesses. We saw some businesses close, and others transform to offer a friendly spot to go to, to avoid isolation. The Litchfield community has done so much to support our local businesses and now it is my turn to serve the community."

My Pledge to the Community of Litchfield

“I pledge to foster my energy to motivate the fellow selectmen to take action on issues and work together across all party lines. My passion for this community will be at the forefront of every decision I make.”  

Jon Torrant


Selectman Candidate

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How JON TORRANT embodies

Jon Torrant is a native and life-long resident of Litchfield.  He attended the Litchfield schools, where he played basketball and was on the 1965 State Championship Basketball team. Jon’s first taste running for public office started when he ran and won the positions for Class Vice President and President in High School. This began his long passion throughout life to give back to his community.

After graduating Litchfield High School, Jon attended Middlebury College where he received a Bachelor's degree in Economics. While attending college he combined his enthusiasm for school and service by joining ROTC (Reserve Officer’s Training Corp) and later serving in the US ARMY Corp of Engineers as a Captain. As a Veteran of the Army, Jon was taught valuable life skills such as leadership, financial responsibility, integrity, and how to be a team player. These life lessons he carried forward into his career at Ingersoll-Rand as a Sales and Marketing Executive and later was a founding member of Baker-Torrant & Associates Inc., a manufacturing sales agency.  

Over the last 37 years Jon has been actively engaged in the Litchfield community as a member and President of the Litchfield Lions Club, where he helped support the town by giving hope and impacting lives through humanitarian service projects. For the last 10 years, he has served as Selectman and prior chaired the Litchfield Park and Recreation Commission.

Jon and his wife Susan have been married 47 years and are the proud parents of their son Michael. There are two truths that no one can argue about Jon 1.) he loves Litchfield- you can see his eyes sparkle when he talks about the town, and 2.) when Jon tells you he will do it, it will get done!


"There is nothing like the overwhelming feeling one gets driving up to the Litchfield green, spotting the tall white structure we all know to be the First Congregational Church and sensing a community where people want to live and visit. Knowing our history and culture helps us construct our identity and build a sense of pride. It gives us an opportunity to speak in one language and to have one vision for our future. 

We must take responsibility for the next generation, not just to educate ourselves but to organize ourselves in making our own history and future. My experience will be a guide to the future, and I will help lend a hand to the community of Litchfield and our future."

My Pledge to the Community of Litchfield

“I pledge to ensure success for Litchfield by continuing the Town’s financial stability as we address public concerns and as we embark on new ideas to guarantee prosperity for all of Litchfield. I will fuse my love of history with new thoughts to keep Litchfield the wonderful place it has always been and prepare for its future.”

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