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Governor Lamont’s Income Jumped from $9 Million to $54 Million Dollars last year


Oct 26, 2022

GOP Calls on Lamont to Release Details. Will media get to the bottom of it before election day?

There are more questions regarding the ethics of the Lamont Administration (federal probes into school construction, state pier, etc.) than there are answers. Now, the news is out that the Democrat Governor made $54 million dollars last year.

“Where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire,” said State Chairman Ben Proto. “We’re asking how Governor Lamont multiplied his income by 500% to approximately $54 million. Will the media continue to turn a blind eye to the questions of Lamont’s ethical issues as it pertains to his financial gains? With two weeks left until Election Day, we want to know just how ‘blind’ the Lamont’s ‘blind trust’ has been while Ned has been Governor. “We’re calling on Governor Lamont to release the full financial records and communications of his financial trust.”
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