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John McKenna

Nov 30, 2023

A would-be thief is shown in a surveillance photo approaching an unoccupied car in Bantam on Friday.

A video surveillance camera on the house caught the perpetrator in action at 4:30 p.m.

The crook was captured on camera exiting a black Honda on Bantam Road (Route 202), running across a neighbor’s yard carrying a metal object, opening the car and looking through it before running off.

The incident has prompted the Borough of Bantam to consider adding funding for public safety to its budget. The borough is also encouraging residents to be wary of suspicious activity.

“Without a local police presence to address the increase in crime and traffic throughout Litchfield, we need to be vigilant, keep eyes and ears open for the safety of our community, friends, neighbors,” the Borough of Bantam wrote in a statement this week.

Anyone who has witnessed suspicious activity in Bantam can contact borough Warden Dick Sheldon at 860-459-4262 or borough Burgess Wendy Westcott at 203-217-1312.

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