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5th Congressional District

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"Congress has lost its way. We need to grow small businesses, not big government. We need checks and balances, and we need to end one-party rule here in Connecticut and in Washington."

George Logan is a family man, engineer, community leader, and a small business owner. His grandparents left Jamaica for Guatemala during the Great Depression, and like so many other American families, George’s parents left Guatemala and came to America to grow a family and build a better life. George has spent his life finding ways to solve problems big and small, and he’s not afraid to roll up his sleeves and do the same in Congress to deliver better outcomes for the people of Connecticut. 

During his two terms in the State Senate, George fought backbreaking tax hikes and fiscal mismanagement. He tackled the tough issues facing the wellbeing of his community and brought people together to fight the opioid epidemic to find solutions that work.

George's Priorities:​

Fixing Inflation

George will oppose massive spending packages that lead to out-of-control inflation, which is hurting our families, seniors, and veterans.

A New Voice Against Washington’s Failed Policies

George will fight power grabs by out-of-touch politicians who think they know better than the people of Connecticut.

Working to Bring Down Gas Prices

George will support American energy independence in order to reduce gas prices and continue working towards clean energy solutions here at home.

Giving First Responders the Tools They Need

George will always support our law enforcement officers, firefighters, and EMS and work to provide them with the necessary resources needed to protect our families and students.


Fighting for Our Veterans

George will always stand with our brave men and women who have served and protected our country.


30th District State Senate


Stephen  Harding was raised in Brookfield and went through the public school system, and is now raising his own family in the town he grew up in.  Stephen is married to his beautiful wife Kelly, a teacher at Sarah Noble  in New Milford, and has two young children Carter and Piper. 


He is a  practicing attorney, small business owner, and has served as State Representative for the  107th District (Brookfield, Bethel, Danbury) since 2015. During his time  in the legislature he has served on the judicial, education, government  and elections, and environment committees. As ranking member of the environment committee, he has championed  legislation which provided a continuous revenue source to addressing  aquatic invasive species in our local lakes, such as Candlewood and  Lillinonah. 


Throughout his time in the legislature, he has focused on  trying to make Connecticut more affordable by alleviating the growing  tax burden faced by our small businesses and residents. He has been a  continuous supporter of our law enforcement in efforts to keep our state  safe. Stephen has always supported efforts to keep our zoning laws local, with a strong focus on curbing over development and preserving open space.  

Stephen's Priorities:​

A More Affordable Connecticut

After 7 years in the Connecticut House of Representatives, Stephen has fought to keep taxes low and stop wasteful spending that has driven jobs away and increased the cost of living for everyone. Stephen is committed to continuing that fight in the Connecticut State Senate.

A Safer Connecticut

Connecticut has continued to see rising crime and soaring overdose rates. Stephen will support proactive policing, appropriate consequences for repeat offenders and to increase resources to address the opioid crisis that is plaguing our state. 

Mary's Priorities:​

  • Fiscal Responsibility

  • Honest Reporting and Forecasting

  • Operational Efficiencies


The state of Connecticut deserves better!

Connecticut residents are concerned about the state’s economy, high taxes, jobs, public safety and our financial future. Mary’s experience as a senior financial executive and town council woman will bring integrity and efficiencies to the Comptroller position.

Mary has been a member of the Finance, Budget, and Administration subcommittee of the West Hartford town council since she was first elected and has held senior finance positions with Fortune 100 companies.


Mary Fay is the real deal and the change we need to turn the state around!


66th District House of Representatives

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Karen Reddington-Hughes has lived and worked in Woodbury, Connecticut since 1990. She is a two-term Selectman for the Town of Woodbury and has owned and operated Abrash Galleries on Main Street for the past 18 years. She is married to John Hughes, a graduate of the US Naval Academy and former US Naval Officer. Their son John is a graduate of Nonnewaug High School.

During her tenure as President of the Woodbury Antiques Dealers Association, Karen worked with Senator Rob Kane to establish the Connecticut Antiques Trail. Many visits to Hartford and two Senate Bills later, the trail was established. With passage of the legislation complete, Karen worked with Economic Development and Department of Transportation leaders to ensure funding and placement of signage was authorized. As a result, Connecticut tourism marketing could promote the state’s respected antiques industry alongside the popular wine trail.

As the Chairman of Woodbury’s Business and Economic Development Committee, Karen coordinated the effort to publish a guide promoting Woodbury and its businesses. The self-funded project received state-wide accolades when Reader’s Digest designated Woodbury “Most Charming Small Town in Connecticut”.

In 2018, Karen received the State of Connecticut Governors Award for Tourism Partner of the Year. The award was presented in recognition of the excellent marketing efforts of both the Connecticut Antiques Trail and the Town of Woodbury.

Karen's Priorties:

An Affordable CT

Broad based tax reforms are needed to provide relief for middle-class families and inspire the entrepreneurial spirit that once gave Connecticut a booming economy.

Public Safety

The only honest conversation about public safety begins with acknowledging the lawful public should not have to fear for their safety and security and criminals should not have to fear bias based on physical traits. The judicial system must ensure the balance between victims’ and perpetrators’ rights.

Local Land-use Authority

Connecticut’s current definition of “affordable housing” protects neither access to home ownership nor the environment. State mandated one-size-fits-all regulations requiring deed restrictions and allowing high-density building defy reason given Connecticut’s environmental and housing-stock diversity. 

The Second Amendment

Federal and State Constitutional protections guarantee law abiding citizens retain their right to keep and bear arms for all lawful purposes, including self defense. The State of Connecticut is among those with the most restrictive gun laws in the country. Creating more gun laws is not the answer to crime.

Bias in Education

History is fact. Interpretation of historical fact is subjective. Unbiased teaching of historical fact is required to ensure we progress toward the open and inclusive society that protects us all equally.


"I'm running to be probate judge because
the court needs an experienced
and compassionate judge to effectively
serve our community."

24th District Probate Judge


Jordan is an experienced probate attorney who has handled hundreds of probate matters all over the State of Connecticut.  His law practice assists clients with all kinds of probate issues, ranging from the preparation of simple Wills to complicated estate disputes.  He has the necessary experience to serve as your local probate judge.

His law practice emphasizes the representation of individuals with disabilities, the elderly, and minor children.  Several courts frequently appoint Jordan to represent these kinds of clients because he has the knowledge to protect their rights, ensure their safety, and connect them with appropriate services.  Protecting vulnerable people is an important function of the probate court and Jordan has a history of doing so successfully.  

Jordan's Goal:

A Probate Court that Puts People First

The Litchfield Hills Probate Court has a long history of outstanding service to its constituents.  Under Jordan's leadership, anyone who needs the assistance of the court will be treated with respect, dignity, and compassion.  He will make sure that all the court's matters are adjudicated fairly and promptly. 


State Comptroller

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“Restoring integrity, tightening financial controls, increasing efficiency and improving accuracy of reporting and forecasting will be my priorities.”

Mary M. Fay, a resident of West Hartford for 19 years, is a Financial Services Senior Executive. She has held several senior business leadership roles, including Senior Vice President and General Manager of Sun Life Financial, where she also chaired diversity and inclusion employee resource groups and served on Sun Life boards.  Mary has also been Senior Vice President of GE Capital, and Senior Vice President of ING. Starting out as a financial analyst, Mary has also held executive positions at Travelers, Hartford HealthCare, The Hartford and AIG.

Mary is the daughter of a school teacher, was raised in East Hartford and attended public schools.  She went on to graduate from Skidmore College, with a B.S. In business/accounting and a minor in government. She played basketball and started the women's softball team at Skidmore. Mary earned an M.B.A. From Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  

Active in her community, Mary is a three-term member of West Hartford’s Town Council. She was appointed to the West Hartford library board, is a frequent volunteer at Morley school, is active in Concerned Citizens of West Hartford and Save our Water, CT. She also serves on the board of overseers for Newton-Wellesley hospital, is chair of the reviewing stand for the annual St. Patrick's Day parade, and was named a "Top Woman in Business" by Hartford Business Journal. Mary has served as an alumni admissions correspondent for Skidmore College since graduating.  Mary was an inaugural member of West Hartford's first Parent Leadership Training Institute, where she was elected class speaker at the state wide graduation at the state capital. 

She is a member of the Irish American Home Society and The Thistle Lawn Bowling Club, and is a parishioner at St. Timothy’s.

Mary is married and has a 12 year old daughter, Katie. 

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