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John McKenna

Nov 9, 2022

Karen Reddington-Hughes of Woodbury wears a smile at the Litchfield Distillery on Tuesday as she looks at the vote totals of her victory in the 66th District state representative race. To the right is state Rep. David T. Wilson, the legislator she’ll succeed. On the left is Willow Scott of Northfield. BZ photos

Woodbury Selectman Karen Reddington-Hughes will be the new state representative in the 66th District.

The Republican scored a convincing victory over Matthew Dyer, chairman of the Democratic Town Committee in Litchfield. The unofficial vote count was 6,554 for Reddington-Hughes and 5,158 for Dyer.

“I feel invigorated and I’m looking forward to representing all of the residents of the 66th District,” Reddington-Hughes said during a victory celebration at the Litchfield Distillery. “I worked hard during the campaign and the numbers show it.”

Dyer lost his second consecutive 66th District race. In 2020, he lost to Wilson by more than 2,000 votes.

Reddington-Hughes scored wins in Woodbury, 2,544-1879; Morris, 821-478; Bethlehem, 1,181-740; and Warren, 411-369. Dyer won Litchfield, 1,692-1,597.

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