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Planning & Zoning - Candidate


How MAX MCINTYRE embodies

A native from Thomaston, Max has lived much of his life serving his country and community from military to public service. In his young adult life, Max served as a paratrooper with jump status and as a Special Forces Operator (Green Beret). He eventually transitioned to become Commander Sargent Major for Norwich University and was directly responsible for the training of 1,250 cadets to be future leaders of the military, government, and industry. With a passion for aerospace technology, Max re-entered the private sector as an executive in the aerospace manufacturing industry and is heavily involved in the Aerospace Components Manufacturers trade cluster (ACM) where he has served as a board member, Vice President, and President.


When Max and his wife returned to Connecticut after retiring from uniform, they insisted on living in Litchfield for its traditional Connecticut small town appeal. This decision was fueled by the significant changes they witnessed to the town of their youth. It had become unrecognizable, losing its small-town charm and historic character. This realization made a very strong impression upon Max, which he now attributes to his protective instinct toward the preservation of Litchfield.

Max is currently a commissioner of the planning and zoning board and a justice of the peace. He sites discipline, education, and military service as having shaped him into the man he is today. Max feel’s very fortunate to have had terrific mentors and friends in his life, volunteering for positions of great responsibility has always been in his nature to place his Community First.


"Litchfield is well known along the Eastern corridor, revered for its historic and natural significance. Like so many that choose Litchfield to be home, our towns character and small-town charm are why we love living here.


Currently serving on the Board of Planning & Zoning, I'm not afraid to get “into the ring” when it comes to the preservation of Litchfield’s open spaces, natural beauty and historic charm. I will fight hard to maintain our towns integrity, and with wisdom of my experiences, shall remain fair and balanced in my approach."

My Pledge to the Community of Litchfield

If reelected, I pledge to serve this town by standing up for the integrity of Litchfield. I am fearful of Litchfield devolving into what has happened in other previously beautiful towns — the over crowding and saturation of businesses along the 202 corridor. Litchfield remains intentionally and traditionally a clean, small and caring New England town. We must preserve Litchfield for the next generations to enjoy.


Planning & Zoning - Candidate

JOhn Cox.JPG

How JOHN COX embodies

John was born in Pennsylvania, however his family has roots dating back to 1650 in Connecticut.  He was educated in Connecticut and England, graduating from Yale with a BA in Architectural History.  In graduate school, John volunteered for army officer’s candidate school and later was commissioned as 2nd Lt. He also served as a company commander with the 1st Cavalry Division in Vietnam and was awarded the bronze star for meritorious service.

Upon release from active duty, John joined US Steel as a senior sales representative and moved to Litchfield with his family. With the domestic steel industry in decline, he was offered a position to move to Hong Kong to develop industrial projects in Mainland China, including a large steel plant. John and his wife returned to the US in 2014 and returned to Litchfield to retire. He quickly became involved and chaired the Litchfield County University Club’s Scholarship Committee which annually awards substantial scholarships to high school graduates for college expenses. Additionally, he was appointed to the town Board of Ethics, was elected a Justice of the Peace and joined the American Legion.

While living in Litchfield his three children spent time in the Litchfield schools where they received a quality education and participated in many sports. John was a little league coach; often arriving close to game time and, as he was still in a business suit, he was called “the owner”. Very interested in quality education, John served on the Board of Education for 8 years at a time when education was not a political issue with the exception of school facilities.  Coupled with a group of fiscal conservatives they decided to renovate Center School rather than build a new building on Plumb Hill.  He later chaired the Center School renovation project which came in on time and under budget.

Litchfield gave John the opportunity to follow two of his lifelong interests, music and running.  He sang in the St. Michael’s choir and has also served on the church vestry.  Running is a culture and tradition in town, motivating him to join the Litchfield Track Club, run 6 marathons and participate competitively in the Litchfield Hills Road Race, one of the best small-town races on the East Coast.


"Some of the reasons to choose living in Litchfield include the quality of life, the community spirit, historical architecture, as well as the proximity to the cultural centers of New Haven and Hartford. “Community First” means putting the long-term interests of Litchfield’s above all political and personal interests. It means finding a balance for the entire town rather than just commercial development or preserving Litchfield the way it was decades ago.

During the last years I was in Hong Kong, my wife and I lived in a rural village which was being forcefully developed by the government against the wishes of the people in the village. I have seen the effects of the loss of local control of a village and am determined to fight for Litchfield’s right to control its own future.  A balance must be found between preserving the unique character of this town and development which will ensure the financial preservation of this character."

My Pledge to the Community of Litchfield

“If re-elected, I pledge to utilize the technical and detailed knowledge of rules, policies and procedures I have gained over the past several years to make wise decisions for Litchfield, especially with state interference looming and several large issues currently facing the commission.”



Planning & Zoning Alt. - Candidate


How NORMAN SAUER embodies

Growing up in Northern California, Norman developed a strong appreciation for the great outdoors. He became a strong member of his community beginning as a young boy by volunteering annually in the Marin shoreline clean-up, and with Habitat for Humanity with his church youth group. At 14, Norman took his first job as a dish washer with the local Swedish bakery, learning the importance of hard work and self reliance. Throughout high school and University, Norman participated in student body government serving consistently as a class representative, listening to his fellow students where he actively sought resolution amongst the school community.

A graduate of the Academy of Art University with a bachelors in fashion and applied textile design, Norman moved to New York and in 2007 started his own business which he has successfully operated for over 15 years. Recognized amongst his peers and recipient of multiple industry awards including the Gold Coast Fashion Award and the Fashion Group International’s Rising Star Award, Norman found time to contribute efforts to help the causes he believes are important, including the Susan G. Komen Foundation, The New York Humane Society, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Meals on Wheels and most recently The Oliver Scholars Foundation.

In 2017 Norman and his husband Stephan moved to Litchfield. The overwhelming natural beauty and welcoming community made the ideal setting for their growing family. These qualities combined with the opportunity to own a historic home in need of restoration made the move irresistible. Norman has been actively restoring his historic home since 2017 of which he believes himself to be a mere custodian for its safeguard until it’s next owner. More recently, he is in process to join the Historic District Committee, a natural fit to exercise his enthusiasm for preservation and to pay respect to Litchfield’s rich and significant past.

“Litchfield is where I feel at home. I love everything about this town, the surrounding countryside and its residents; all of which have so much to offer for a great quality of life. My interests in our community's success are long term and my approach to the P & Z Commission is one of great respect for our town’s preservation while keeping a sharp eye on our future’s success.”


"Litchfield’s rich history and natural beauty are unquestionably it’s greatest assets. Whether a long time or a new resident, all can agree Litchfield is worth protecting and enriching for future generations to enjoy.


The 2020 pandemic has brought about enormous changes at both the local and state levels to our families, local businesses and economy. Litchfield needs strong, up-to-date leadership to safeguard its future, keeping decisions at the local level. Leadership must also navigate necessary development in harmony with our irreplaceable history & environment. Championing our town’s preservation while addressing the needs of our local businesses is vital as we move forward, maintaining that community come first for a better tomorrow."


“The human race is challenged more than ever before to demonstrate our mastery, not over nature but of ourselves” - Rachel Carson

My Pledge to the Community of Litchfield

“I pledge my full commitment to preserve the history and charm of our town by putting Litchfield’s long-term preservation needs first. I will remain open-minded and impartial, seeking solutions that best protect our way of life and in support of Litchfield’s small businesses and agricultural needs, for success in the 21st century.”



Planning & Zoning  - Candidate


How PETER DAUTEN embodies

Peter was born in Littleton, NH. When his father was offered a job as a schoolteacher at Connecticut Junior Republic in 1965, the family moved to town. At an early age Peter observed his father’s work and how education and family support was critical for at-risk, troubled young kids. The experience of witnessing these children's lives being transformed for the better left a lasting impression upon Peter, instilling his long-held belief that family and community come first.  


As a graduate of the Litchfield school system, Peter went on to pursue an associates degree in architecture from Wentworth Institute in Boston. Following college, he started his own painting business which he ran for over a decade. Peter continued his career managing the maintenance crew and grounds at Stonybrook Golf Club. Currently, he enjoys working for Arethusa Farm Dairy.


Peter was a volunteer firefighter and EMT for 15 years at the Bantam Fire Department. He has also been a member of the Lions club and Bantam Civic Association. Peter’s love for the natural surroundings in Litchfield and desire to protect our area’s scenic vistas, natural resources and the “New England character” led him to volunteer for the Litchfield Land Trust and become a burgess for the Borough of Bantam


He has been married to his wife Patty for 33 years and they have raised two wonderful children, Lisa who went to Litchfield and Wamogo schools and Peter who went to Litchfield.


"Litchfield is unique unto itself. From the many small businesses that make up our local economy, to our treasured historic architecture- life in Litchfield remains the living image of quintessential New England. Our town landmarks and open spaces that define our communities bucolic setting only exist today because the townspeople of past generations had the foresight to protect them.


As our town navigates new economic growth and the encroaching fast-paced life of the 21st century, more than ever is it critical to elect leadership to best represent what we love most about Litchfield, its welcoming small-town charm. I'm running to be a voice for local small businesses, and to be mindful of large corporations from taking over. I will fight to keep planning and zoning decisions on the local level, fighting to minimizing state interference."

My Pledge to the Community of Litchfield

“My pledge to the community of Litchfield is to keep zoning at a local level, support small business and control large franchises from taking over our small town. To me community first means that whatever decisions we make on whatever committee, it be what is best for our community.”

Guy C.


Planning & Zoning  Alt. - Candidate

Guy Cunningham.jpg


Guy grew up in the small town of Burlington, Connecticut and at the age of 12 moved to Litchfield. He graduated from Litchfield High School in just 3 years as a junior in 1982. Guy had little time for play during his childhood as he was an entrepreneur and explored many jobs to build his skillsets. After graduation, he entered the US Navy on his 18th birthday and attended boot camp in Great Lakes Illinois. While in the Navy Guy went on to become an Electronics technician.


In 1988 Guy came back to CT and began working as a field service engineer for the German company, Index Corporation in Shelton.  He later worked for various electrical contractors until Guy received his E-1 electrical contractors’ license. For over 10 years he worked for RnB Enterprises working in schools throughout CT providing installations of Smartboards and audio-visual systems. In 2013 Guy became a Customer Service Field Engineer for Bauer, Inc. Here he installs, trains, and modifies, custom Aviation Testing equipment, built in Bristol CT, for locations all over the world.


Guy continues to live in Litchfield, the town he loves because it is small enough and safe enough that his girlfriend and three kids can run around outside and not have to worry that something will happen to them. Within minutes, he can go fishing at Knife Shop Pond or Bantam Lake or go swimming at Nystrom’s Pond to cool off! 


“At some point in our lives, we have to get our start in politics. I enjoy the “small town feel” of Litchfield, CT and I want other people to enjoy it as well and through working with others on the Planning and zoning committee, regardless of party affiliation, we can keep the “Small town feel” in Litchfield and still prosper as a community.


What is there not to love about Litchfield, I have been here over 44 years.”

My Pledge to the Community of Litchfield

“I pledge to listen, to listen to everyone no matter where you live in Litchfield and make judgements while on the Planning and Zoning Committee that better us all as a community.”

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