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Litchfield Republicans believe in liberty, economic prosperity, preserving American values and traditions, and restoring the American dream for every citizen of our community and this great nation.

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Meet the Candidates for November 

Learn more about each candidates pledge for office,  what they will bring to the table when elected, and what "COMMUNITY FIRST" means to them. 

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1st Selectman - Candidate

“I pledge to lead the community by fostering trust and transparency without a personal agenda. I will do all I can to serve our community by putting our children’s needs first, preserving the beauty we are so blessed to have around us, and continuing to lead Litchfield to being the first in whatever we do, so that future generations can continue to enjoy our wonderful community.”

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Selectwoman - Candidate

“I pledge to foster my energy to motivate the fellow selectmen to take action on issues and work together across all party lines. My passion for this community will be at the forefront of every decision I make.”  

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Selectman - Candidate

“I pledge to ensure success for Litchfield by continuing the Town’s financial stability as we address public concerns and as we embark on new ideas to guarantee prosperity for all of Litchfield. I will fuse my love of history with new thoughts to keep Litchfield the wonderful place it has always been and prepare for its future.”



Board of Finance - Candidate

“My pledge is to approach the town’s finances as if I were running my own business. I will look at the bigger picture and tie things together to balance opposing interests, when necessary, to promote the best interests of the town and its fiscal health. I will be transparent and reach out to the public to gain input before making any decisions.”



Board of Finance - Candidate

“I promise to ensure Litchfield remains in good financial health and take on initiatives that will benefit the community by doing what is best for the majority of our residents and not just the favored party.”

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Board of Finance Alt. - Candidate

I pledge to bring my vast experience managing multi-million dollar budgets to the table, ask the right questions, understand the value and return for every dollar we spend. I will put the people first and make decisions based on what is best for this town.



Board of Finance Alt. - Candidate

“I pledge to evaluate all decisions fairly and honestly for all residents of Litchfield. It is about the people, their needs, and keeping a local mindset when approaching the finances of this town.”



Board of Education - Candidate

“I pledge to provide the strategic leadership needed as we engage in tough decisions. Yet, I will remain compassionate and forward thinking as we plan for the future and the educational excellence for all students and staff.”

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Board of Education - Candidate

“If elected, I pledge to improve the working relationships between the Board which could allow us to accomplish significantly more for our schools and community! As defined, community is a unified body of individuals. To me, putting our community first means simply that our community must first be unified and then we can accomplish anything, together! ”

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Board of Education - Candidate

“I pledge to use my time and talents to support teachers, students, staff, families and the community as a member of the BOE during this time of change, growth and development.  United, we can accomplish anything."

JOhn Cox.JPG


P & Z - Candidate

“If re-elected, I pledge to utilize the technical and detailed knowledge of rules, policies and procedures I have gained over the past several years to make wise decisions for Litchfield, especially with state interference looming and several large issues currently facing the commission.”



P & Z - Candidate

I pledge to serve this town by standing up for the integrity of Litchfield. I am fearful of Litchfield devolving into what has happened in other previously beautiful towns — the over crowding and saturation of businesses along the 202 corridor. Litchfield remains intentionally and traditionally a clean, small and caring New England town. We must preserve Litchfield for the next generations to enjoy.



P & Z - Candidate

“My pledge to the community of Litchfield is to keep zoning at a local level, support small business and control large franchises from taking over our small town. To me community first means that whatever decisions we make on whatever committee, it be what is best for our community.”



P & Z - Candidate

“I pledge my full commitment to preserve the history and charm of our town by putting Litchfield’s long-term preservation needs first. I will remain open-minded and impartial, seeking solutions that best protect our way of life and in support of Litchfield’s small businesses and agricultural needs, for success in the 21st century.”

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P & Z - Candidate

“I pledge to listen, to listen to everyone no matter where you live in Litchfield and make judgements while on the Planning and Zoning Committee that better us all as a community.”


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